The emphasis of our breeding program has been to produce bloodstock capable of competing in the various disciplines. Horses that will perform and breed on to produce Athletic Individuals that are not only Beautiful, but Intelligent, and "of the tent". 
We have always maintained a small family farm, working with and in the past showing our own horses. 
Most of our breeding stock is of the rare Abeyyan Strain- ALL are Asil Egyptians 
Known for their exceptional tail carriage, wide expressive eyes,  excellent slope of shoulder...and personalities. 
All of our horses have been DNA Tested and/or by Parentage to be CLEAR  for LFS, SCID & CA.
Henry & Marguerite Illing  |  853 Cooley Road  |  Parksville, NY  |  12768-5336  USA |  Phone: 845-292-7797 |
Al Khamsa

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